Fort Amsterdam uses location based platform 7scenes. 7scenes makes creating, playing, (live) tracking and sharing location based games easy with an online authoring environment, mobile phone software and an online community.

From the 7scenes website:

With 7scenes anyone can easily create interactive stories, routes and games and position these along locations in the city. We see the world as a stage where you are more then merely a player. You’re the director of location-based experiences, which we call scenes. So take the world around you and layer it with engaging scenes for others to discover on their GPS-based mobile phone. And of course, relive and share your outdoor adventures with friends online.

> New city experiences
Publish theme based scenes combining any type of media, chronology, quiz- and game-like rules at locations. For everyone or just your friends.

> Participate
Scenes are active and social. They invite you to interact with other players in realtime, perform tasks and upload personal media while playing.

> Share
Everything that takes place outside can be broadcast live or played back online for you or your friends.

> Focus on education and culture
Offering specific features to support scenes as a new educational format in schools and as a new way to exhibit heritage collections outdoors.

> All-in-one: flexibility and independence
Online authoring tools, mobile software, an online community, hosting, support, workshops, and no infringement on your copyright.

> Standards
Built for all major mobile platforms, based on open source products and supporting open standards.

> Subscriptions
For education, culture, entertainment and personal use.


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