Hudson 400

Fort Amsterdam is an example project to show what can be done in the world of urban gaming to celebrate this 400 year anniversary and have people playfully get in touch with the historic bond between New York and Amsterdam. Urban games provide a social and playful new way for people to discover (the history of) the city.

A little more on the Hudson 400 foundation that organizes different types of festivities in 2009.

From the Hudson 400 website:

“2009 marks the 400th anniversary of the day that Henry Hudson set sail from Amsterdam, dropping anchor in New York Harbor five months later in September 1609.

His first steps on the tip of Manhattan eventually gave rise to a thriving settlement on what is today New York, in many ways the capital of the world.


“In 2009, Henry Hudson 400 will commemorate the legendary voyage with two three-day festivals in both Amsterdam and in New York. A transatlantic sailing race will connect both cities.

Here are the goals:

  • Commemorate the historic third voyage of Henry Hudson.
  • Celebrate the tolerant and diverse traditions of both Amsterdam and New York; reinforce how important diversity and tolerance are to the expansion and prosperity of great cities.
  • Intensify and renew historic, cultural, and commercial ties between New York and Amsterdam.
  • Create productive new business and cultural relationships.

Because the following activities are still in the exploratory phases, we welcome additional initiatives. Early 2008 the final plans will be announced. What follows is an outline of the plan, including festivals in New York and Amsterdam and a transatlantic voyage that connects the two cities.”


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